Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to perform Clean Boot in Windows XP

Clean Boot is generally used to get the computer up and running so that we can perform diagnostics tests to determine which elements of the normal boot process are causing problems. It can also be used when computer is so slow that we are not able to perform any troubleshooting steps. Clean boot eliminates optional features and loads only those files and programs that are essential to run a computer.
Clean Boot process includes the various steps that should be performed in the systematic order. These are following steps that comes under the "Clean Boot" process in Windows XP :--
1. Click on "Start" tab then click on "Run" and type msconfig and then click on "OK" tab.
2. The System Configuration Utility dialog box is displayed.
3. In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click on "General' tab, and then click on "Selective Startup".
4. Click to clear the Process SYSTEM.INI File check box.
5. Click to clear the Process WIN.INI File check box.
6. Click to clear the Load Startup Items check box. Verify that Load System Services and Use Original BOOT.INI are checked.
7. Click on the "Services" tab.
8. Click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box.
9. Click Disable All, and then click on "OK" tab.
10. When you are prompted then click on "Restart" to restart the computer.
We should configure Windows XP to start normally after completing the clean boot process to resolve issues. These are the following steps to configure Windows XP to start normally :--
1. Click on "Start" and then click on "Run" tab.
2. Type msconfig, and then click on "OK" tab. The System Configuration Utility dialog box is displayed.
3. Click on the "General" tab and click on "Normal Startup" to load all device drivers and services, and then click on "OK" tab.
4. When you are prompted, click Restart to restart the computer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Your activation period has expired" Error

You may faced an issue "Your activation period has expired" in Windows Vista. You may receive the following error message when you start Windows Vista:--
When we try to start a Windows Vista based computer then we can get the following error messages:--
# Activate Windows Now
# Your activation period has expired and Windows is no longer working.
# To use Windows you must activate this copy of Windows.

This issue may occur for one or more of the following reasons:--
# You did not activate Windows Vista within the 30-day activation period.
# Windows Vista detects that the hardware on your computer has changed significantly and that you did not reactivate Windows Vista within the 3-day grace period for re-activation.
# You are running a version of Windows Vista that was detected as non-genuine. For more information, see the "Resolution" section.

If you have a Windows Genuine Advantage copy of Windows Vista then you can get rid off this issue by these methods:--
Troubleshooting Methods:--
We can get rid off this issue by following these troubleshtooing methods:--
Method 1: Enter your product key
1. Click Retype your product key in the Activate Windows Now pop-up message.
2. Accept the User acceptance prompt.
3. Type the product key, and then click Next.

Method 2: Activate Windows Vista by using the automated telephone system
To activate Windows Vista by telephone, you must use an automated telephone system. To activate Windows Vista by using the automated telephone system, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, and then click Computer.
2. On the toolbar, click System properties, and then click Click here to activate Windows now in the Windows activation section. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.
3. Click Show me other ways to Activate.
4. Click Use the automated phone system, and then follow the instructions.

Method 3: Use the Windows Management Instrumentation command-line (WMIC) utility to view the product identification number
1. In the address bar of Internet Explorer 7, type %windir%\explorer.exe, and then press ENTER to open Windows Explorer and the taskbar.
2. At a command prompt that has elevated user rights, type wmic, and then press ENTER.

Method 4: Contact Microsoft
If Windows detects that the hardware on your computer has changed significantly, and the previous method does not solve your problem, you may have to contact Microsoft for help. To view the Microsoft Activation Centers Worldwide Telephone Numbers list, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Enable and Disable QuickEdit Mode in Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is a line of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on business desktops, notebook computers, and servers. In QuickEdit mode, we can copy text between a command window and Windows-based programs. We can also paste text into a command window by using a right-click operation. In Microsoft Windows 2000, QuickEdit and Insert mode are both enabled by default and by enabling "QuickEdit" mode, we can use a mouse to copy and paste MS-DOS text.
We can disable and enable "QuickEdit Mode" in Windows 2000 by the following steps :--
1. Click on "Start" and point to Programs, point to Accessories and then click on "Command Prompt".
2. Right-click on the title bar, and then click Properties.
3. Click on the "Options" tab and then perform either of the following steps:--
# Click to clear the QuickEdit mode check box to disable QuickEdit mode, and then click on "OK" tab.
# Click to select the QuickEdit mode check box to enable QuickEdit mode, and then click on "OK" tab.
4. In the Apply Properties To Shortcut dialog box, perform either of the following steps:
# Click on "Apply" properties to current window only to use QuickEdit mode in the current window.
# Click on "Modify" shortcut that started this window to apply QuickEdit mode every time you start the MS-DOS-based program.
5. Click on "OK" tab.

We should make sure that we cannot paste text to either a command prompt window or an MS-DOS-based program if either the command prompt or the program is running in full-screen mode.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

iYogi Acquires Clean Machine Inc.

Larry Gordon, Founder of Clean Machine appointed as President Global Channel Sales at iYogi

New York, NY, May 11th, 2009 : iYogi, a global direct to consumer and small business remote technical support provider, today announced it’s acquisition of Clean Machine Inc, a provider of remotely administered PC security and performance management services. Clean Machine will operate as a separate brand under the iYogi services umbrella along with the recently lunched Support Dock ( and its comprehensive range of 24/7 technical support services for computers, printers, MP3 players, digital camera, routers, servers and more than 100 software applications. Larry Gordon, Founder of Clean Machine is appointed as the President of Global Channel Sales for iYogi.

computer repair,help and support

iYogi will integrate technology and innovation that Clean Machine Inc. has developed for delivering an enhanced service experience by proactively managing the health and security for PC's and Apple Computers. This acquisition also broadens iYogi's access to key markets through Clean Machine's existing partnerships. Larry Gordon's past experience and successful track record will accelerate iYogi's expansion through his focus on global alliances.
Commenting on the acquisition of Clean Machine Inc., Uday Challu, CEO & Co-founder of iYogi, said,

"This acquisition will help iYogi to enhance our customer experience and extend our market reach to the millions of consumers that are challenged by the increasingly complex technology environment. Clean Machine's proactive maintenance and management of PCs in home and small business environment will be our launch platform for building the next generation of managed services for consumers."

"We are delighted to have Larry spearheading partnerships and global alliances for iYogi. His incredible experience in marketing, sales and building global alliances will help forge partnerships with retailers, multiple service operators, software publishers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other such companies that are at the frontlines for managing tech support issues for consumers and small businesses",
added Challu.

With more than 20 years of experience, Larry Gordon has played a variety of strategic roles in marketing, sales and building alliances. Larry was the Executive Vice President at Capgemini and Kanbay. He was also VP of Global Marketing for Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH), a leader in global IT services and Director of Marketing for New York based Information Builders.

"I am excited to join a company that shares a common mission to Clean Machine in creating a global brand for delivering the best technical support to consumers and small businesses. We also share a common approach of utilizing highly skilled talent with leading edge tools, thereby delivering services at incredible price-points, with high margins for our partners",
said Larry Gordon, the newly appointed President of Global Channel Sales at iYogi.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, India with offices in New York, USA, iYogi provides personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. IYogi's 24/7 phone and remote technical assistance, spans across a comprehensive range of technologies we use every day from a wide range of vendors. Utilizing its proprietary technology iMantra , and highly qualified technicians, iYogi delivers amongst the highest benchmarks for resolution and customer satisfaction. iYogi is privately held and funded by SAP Ventures, Canaan Partners, and SVB India Capital Partners. iYogi was recently awarded the Red Herring Global 100 Award, recognizing it as one of the 100 most innovative private companies driving the future of technology. For more information on iYogi and a detailed list of technologies supported, visit:


Clean Machine Inc. is a NJ-based and incorporated company that helps consumers and small business owners easily manage and protect their computing environments safely and cost effectively. The company is has a unique, powerful and inexpensive PC concierge service. Specifically, each customer is assigned a highly-trained tech concierge who remotely examines their computer system on a scheduled and very secure basis. The PC concierge will immediately fix software-based problems and prevent new threats to the customer's computing environment including offensive pop-ups, browser redirects and slow performance, and then provides a detailed report. Clean Machine's proprietary Radar(TM) technology (Remote Access Detection Audit and Repair) allows its expert technicians to remotely resolve any problems, eliminating the need for customers to go through the frustrating process of speaking with a tech support expert, and still having to do the work themselves. In other words, the Clean Machine PC concierges do it all. For more information on Clean Machine please visit